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Aimed at ALL hardworking mums - whether ridden with guilt for being a working mum or losing confidence and identity as a stay-at-home mum

This weekend is NOT a training weekend... you’re doing it and you’re awesome - that’s what you’ll remember on our retreat weekend. 


Instead you’ll have two experienced parent coaches to guide you through your misunderstandings and set you and your family up for a calmer, happier, more connected future together

And there’ll be time for you too...!

  • 2 relaxed days of parent coaching sessions with time between to enjoy the facilities, reflect on the sessions and be yourself- just you... not mum, wife, worker, house runner - you 

  • A copy of my parenting guide (only available from me) 

  • A follow up coaching session with one of the parent coaches to delve further into anything that would support you (worth £200)

All of this for only £597!!

Sam is a Transformational Parent Coach and was nominated and selected as a finalist in the Pitman National ‘Working Mum of the Year Award 2019’

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