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“Being a parent is the toughest job in the world!”

It doesn’t have to be!!

Have you noticed how some people- 

  • Sail through the parenting years? 

  • Never even struggle with terrible twos… temperamental teenagers… and all the years in between? 

  • Never seem to fight with their offspring or look exhausted at the end of the summer holidays? 


We can help you achieve this too. 

  • Enjoy your time with your children (even when you’re tired – and they’re tired! You don’t need to turn them into perfectly behaved robots!) 

  • Let go of parent guilt (because we can never do everything/be everything/give everything, and sometimes we don’t want to!) 

  • Stop comparing yourself unfavourably to others 

  • Do parenting on your terms. Your children – your way! 

  • Realise your parenting awesomeness

How we can help…

Click here for Sam’s FREE parenting guide

  • Book a breakthrough coaching session on your current parenting pinchpoint (first call only £100 – usually £200) 

(NB Read the parenting guide first as it may be covered in there and it will also give you an idea of Sam’ coaching style – coaching, not telling!)



Call or email to find out about 1-2-1 coaching support packages 

  • Book a time for an ‘Awesome Family’ assessment

(Supernanny like but less severe and more collaborative and to suit your family and your parenting style) – how to bring peace, less rush and less shouting and controlling into your family life 


Awesome Mum Retreats

  • For the exhausted, guilt ridden working Mum, the stay-at-home Mum who’s lost her confidence and identity, and every other Mum too.


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