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“Sam’s mini workshops were described as “intense, informative and empowering”, “amazing and illuminating” and “really useful for colleagues who face particularly strong challenges to overcome in the workplace”. As well as providing a great health check into the levels of stress and wellness in our business, Sam contributed structured, objective feedback as to how we can improve our culture and working practices to ensure we have the least-stressed,

most engaged workforce in the market.”



(Toby Brown, Head of Strategy and Engagement at Edit)

“Sam has provided support, encouragement and practical, useable coaching to a number of members of our team, all of whom seem to have benefitted hugely from her input and advice. She’s personable, friendly but also professional and helpful. She brings great insight and focus, and I am happy to recommend her.” 

(Louise Dell, Director of #1 website for Spanish

property for overseas buyers)

“Sam's passion, commitment and revolutionary approach to eliminating stress in the workplace is just what businesses need to make sustainable change in this area. Throw away the tips, strategies and techniques which add more to an already busy day and work with Sam. She'll change the way you see/experience stress forever.” 

(Claire Sewell, Limitless Coach)

“I am very grateful to Sam Munslow for taking time and reaching out to help me recently. We all need help managing our time balancing life ~some of us I believe it's one out of five~ struggle with some sort of anxiety disorder. Her listening and candid conversation helped cut to the Chase and helped me get over hesitation and begin making healthy changes I strongly recommend her powerful consultation and insight.”



(James Glines, Senior Inspector, BGE Inc, Houston, Texas Area)

“Sam has great insight into how to eradicate the pressure that stress brings. This allows her to make acute observations and provide practical coping strategies. She is also an incredibly open person, warm and generous-spirited to boot. What not to admire!”

Chris Kenber, Business Coach)

“If you're stuck in a rut or feeling overwhelmed with your professional or personal life, Sam can help! She gets you thinking outside the box to get to the bottom of whatever's holding you back. Well worth the investment to help you reach your full potential!”​

(Becky Pearse Romera, Owner, Top S Translations, Granada, Spain)

“Working with Sam was an absolute pleasure! Although it was short, she did help me to gain focus on my needs and strive to the greatness. Achieving the self-consciousness (business and business-life balance related) is not a small thing to do. I would highly recommend Sam to any upper management staff member who is struggling with the burden of the work, as well as the work-life balance.”


(Igor Draskovic, PPC Customer Service Agent at JudoLaunch)

“I've helped many coaches over the past decade - and Sam stood out in form the rest. Read her posts, and you'll see an openness and willingness to be fully human that is pretty rare in the coaching field, in my experience. Sam isn't pretending she has all the answers or lives a 'theoretically perfect' life. She's honest, open, funny and quick as they come - but here's her real gold; she knows rock solid that you have the answer to your current conundrum and she's skilled in helping you see that to. Very highly recommended.”

(Dave Kibby, Owner of High C Ltd)

“Sam brings heart, depth, and love plus a phenomenal amount of experience in education and human development, to her practice of coaching. I highly recommend Sam if you’re looking for some breakthroughs and knowing what it feels like to live with less stress and more peace of mind. Sam’s artful coaching will impact every facet of your life whether you are an executive, business owner or stay at home parent. Thanks for your wisdom and peer support Sam.”


(Annie Romanos, Owner – deep coaching and strategy for ambitious women in biz)

“Sam is an incredible person. A wealth of knowledge and experience and full of enthusiasm, Sam is the sort of person that you feel instantly comfortable talking too and she instantly put's you at ease. I strongly recommend Sam and encourage you to give her a call.”


(Chris Williams, Freelance Digital Strategy Consultant – Proper LinkedIn Marketing for Companies and Professionals)

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