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Why Blue Monkey?

The Story behind the business name!

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Picture a blue monkey


Now don’t picture a blue monkey… no matter how much I talk about blue monkeys - blue monkey on a tightrope, blue monkey juggling bananas, blue monkey dancing around in front of this screen…


Can you make the blue monkey image go from your mind?

Most can’t…

Because our brains don’t distinguish between being told to picture a blue monkey, or NOT picture a blue monkey - our brains will simply conjure up the image…


Stress, anxiety and more...

As you’re eating a meal later, I gift you the vision of a blue monkey in your mind! You won’t need to make it go away to be able to enjoy your food… you can simply acknowledge it and continue eating. And it won’t dominate your mind because you’re not fuelling the thought.

The same goes with stress, anxiety, fear, overwhelm, procrastination (to name but a few of the mental self harming tools we’re adept at using on ourselves!).

We don’t need to make these things go away to be able to function. We can (mostly) function alongside them.

I help people see past the blue monkeys to the possibilities.

I help people recognise the stories they’ve been believing about themselves that hold
them back from enjoying their lives fully.

I help people change the narrative and start living the life they want, with all their wonderful imperfections as just blue monkeys - just part of the journey.


(enjoy your meal later with the blue monkey image 🙂)

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Meet Sam Munslow

Sam is a transformational mental health and leadership coach and heart centred public speaker.

She speaks about all things to do with mindset and mental wellbeing, and in particular men’s mental health and the impact of this on all of us.

Sam lives in North Somerset with her husband and two of her four children (the others come back for family gatherings and holidays but they’re older and enjoy their own lives away from the family home too).

Interested in more of Sam's background?

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