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Mental Wealth for everyone programme

In this industry, you have people passionate about making a difference.

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Employee Awareness

You’re generally a male dominated industry


You’re generally pretty task focused

And you generally have a pretty good awareness of the need to look after your employees’ mental health as well as offering employee benefits, bonuses, decent pay packages etc…


But the mental health side is difficult to do, isn’t it?

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Sam has recently provided some training within our organisation, and I have been very pleased with how supportive she has been and the great skills that have been passed on to those involved. I can certainly see how Sam helps people get their workload under control and not waste time stressing about things. Thank you Sam for your assistance and I will certainly be recommending you to others.

- Lee Keet, owner of Vaporclean

Stand Alone Elements of the programme

Team of Engineers

Here's where Blue Monkey Coaching can help.

This ‘Mental Wealth for Everyone’ programme has been created with the division of a construction company, each time delving more into how to empower the team and create a culture of communication, community and company mental wealth.


Health and Safety Days, Well being  days or corporate annual meeting, Blue Monkey Coaching can deliver and impactful, engaging and interactive wellbeing talks and presentations, to remind your employees that their mental health matters to you every day - especially on days when you get together to celebrate your achievements and set your goals for the future.

Identifying Challenges

An initial survey to find out what the challenges are (delivered and analysed solely by Sam as people are reluctant to open up about mental health challenges to colleagues or HR departments - having someone completely independent can increase the take up by 50%!).

Drop In Coaching Sessions

Drop in coaching sessions for teams/departments (this helps identify patterns in specific roles so you can accurately support them according to their needs).

121 Manager Coaching Sessions

Let’s get everyone singing from the same sheet, increasing listening skills, empowering future leaders and building on the values and culture that YOU as a business owner/director are striving for.

Drop In Workshops

These can cover all things mental health from stress, anxiety, switching off, difficult conversations to whatever challenges you feel your team are currently struggling with.

121 Leadership and Mental Healh Coaching

Reach out to Sam for a chat about what you need and how this can work for you.

Claim Your Life Back Course

A 4 week online course, with minimal time commitment and maximum impact on you getting organisation at work sorted so you can fit in healthy breaks, get through your to-do list, switch off and sleep better and enjoy your life more during the week.

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