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Workshops for Leaders

Bespoke workshops to address what keeps your team from switching off and enjoying life

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They won't put themselves first!


They won’t talk about what keeps them up at night

They won’t switch off because they know the job needs to be done

They’re looking more and more stressed, burnt out and exhausted and they’re holding onto unhelpful beliefs about how they should be at work (man up, grow a pair to name but a couple of the unhelpful and unhealthy terms men grew up being told - and so men don’t talk about mental health because it’s perceived as ‘soft!’)

And you KNOW something needs to change…


But where do you start?


Mental Health Talks

Real ones, talks that resonate, with actionable suggestions to help male employees open up, be honest, look after themselves and enjoy life more (resulting in better communication, a more honest culture, less absence and negativity)

Workshops for Leaders

What are the outcomes?

Organise your day more effectively (click here for some instant tips)

Manage stress, anxiety, WFH, difficult conversations

Learn to trust your team and give yourself permission to let go of some of the day to day - releasing you to either switch off more regularly when not working and also empower others and give you time to focus on strategic thinking when working

What will this do for my team?

Here’s what some of Blue Monkey Coaching’s past clients say about this support


Sam’s mini workshops were described as “intense, informative and empowering”, “amazing and illuminating” and “really useful for colleagues who face particularly strong challenges to overcome in the workplace”.

 As well as providing a great health check into the levels of stress and wellness in our business, Sam contributed structured, objective feedback as to how we can improve our culture and working practices to ensure we have the least-stressed, most engaged workforce in the market.


- Toby Brown, Head of Marketing at Interaction

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