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Mental Health

As a coach, I know how important it is to have ongoing support, training and somewhere to go to offload – this isn’t just for coaches!

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Free Yoga

Whether you’re neurodivergent and need to overcome the stories you’ve been conditioned to believe about yourself, or an individual who just wants to let go of the mental self harming that we’re all guilty of inflicting on ourselves, Sam can help you sift through your headshit, and come out the other side more successful and at peace with yourself.

And for organisations, there’s whole company mental health support – ranging from Mental Health Talks, Workshops for Leaders and some essential Mental Health First Aid Trainer support – scroll down for more information.


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We can help!

Company Mental Wealth Support

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Mental Health Talks

Bespoke talks to support your workforce in looking after their mental wellbeing, reducing sickness and improving communication.

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Workshops for

Bespoke workshops to address what keeps your team from switching off and enjoying life.

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Mental Health First Aid

Support for your mental health first aiders to look after them as they look after your teams.

#Your 121 Investment

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Here’s where monthly coaching sessions FOR YOU can be invaluable.

I’m bound by confidentiality and therefore, it’s ok for you to talk about the cases you’ve had (obviously without mentioning names).  I can help you identify how to support where you’re struggling, reassure you where you have helped and coach you past the blockers you may find emerging to your own ability to switching off from the problems you’ve heard.

As well as this, you will have the opportunity to address any challenges in your life, whether personal or professional, improving your focus, work/life balance and enjoyment of your life, will will support you in being able to give excellent support to those who need it in your workplace (the old fill your own cup first analogy…!)


If you have a team of MHFAs, again, you’ll need to have a bank of strategies to support them, and this is where your own 121 coaching will help.

Let Sam help!


We’ll meet once a month via zoom to ensure that you are mentally healthy and well placed to support the mental wellbeing of your colleagues.


Your investment ranges from £325 per 45 minute session for a minimum of 6 months to 60 minutes sessions for £425 – a 6 or 12 month agreement is needed – to a bespoke programme to suit you and your team.