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Heading 1

Health and Safety Stand down events

Real ones, talks that resonate, with actionable suggestions to help male employees open up, be honest, look after themselves and enjoy life more (resulting in better communication, a more honest culture, less absence and negativity)

Heading 1


Arms folded, slouched in the chairs at the back of the room...


The operatives in their brightly coloured reflective clothing are only pleased to be here for the coffee, cakes and break from the usual work. 

Their body language shows how disillusioned they are – managers at the front, talking about the corporate stuff with an occasional interesting bit that they might sit up for. 

But it’s their expectation and experience that it’s a corporate day; a day of being told how the company’s doing and the next steps; a reminder of the safety stuff that they feel they’re already living and breathing. 

And then a woman in blue trainers bounces on the stage… 

She’s not a manager.

She’s not talking about goals and targets and near misses.

She’s talking about feelings and listening and all the things that suddenly have the slouchers shuffling uncomfortably in their seats… 

Because she hit a nerve.

She’s talking about them.

And the stuff they don’t usually let their minds go to.

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And This is the stuff that saves lives

  • The near misses that happens because of the things on their minds 

  • The worries that they’re unsure how to process or verbalise 

  • The co-workers they want to help but they’re not sure how to 


This woman speaks from the heart and shares more understanding than they are used to – of their way of thinking, of the challenges they don’t speak of, of the worries and mental battles that keep them awake 

And she opens their eyes to solutions – ways to communicate their thoughts, ways to listen without needing to fix, ways to support in a way that’s comfortable and useful. 

And they sit up a little 

And they chat with her afterwards and realise that they don’t have to hold it all in.  They can contact her and begin to undo the conditioning that workers in this industry have believed and lived for too long. 

And they can find mental peace too. 


And the topic?  Whatever you need it to be.  If you’re not sure, she has great insight into the challenges of this industry as the number one UK construction mental health speaker and workshop leader – she’s heard it all and has helped transform lives. 

Your team deserve this too. 

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