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Manager wellbeing and productivity 

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Manager wellbeing workshops 


Your managers look after their teams and often forget that THEIR wellbeing is vital for the smooth running of your organisation. 

A bespoke 90-180 minute workshop (can be part of a manager day where wellbeing needs to be a focus), in person, with the resources provided to ensure interactive, fun, reflective and productive wellbeing emphasis. 


This can cover work/life balance, switching off, prioritising, planning the day to include healthy and beneficial breaks that increase productivity and focus, prioritising self and giving permission for recharging and switching off (with strategies for better sleep and enjoyment of downtime). 

All delegates will not only reflect on their own practice, identify ways to look after themselves more and avoid burnout, they will also take away actions that previous attendees have been excited to implement as they make an immense and immediate difference to sleep and mental health. 


And for those who need something more than a 3 hour workshop… 

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Claim Your Life Back Course 

A simple and transformational 4 week course 

15 minutes a day, with recognisable benefits within the first few days. 

Recognising the impact of the unhealth habits created 

Implementations of simple strategies to create new, sustainable, healthier work habits 

Benefits include – prioritising tasks, being successful every day, including healthy breaks, learning to switch the mind off fully to recharge, reducing dependencies on alcohol/food/other unhealthy addicitons to relax, having energy outside of work hours and avoiding burnout by enjoying every day (instead of living for the weekend) 

This simple course has 20 sessions – each with a 5 minute video (sent to your phone by 8am Monday to Friday for 4 weeks)  and then a 10 minute task per day, with a cumulative effect of creating new ways to enjoy the ‘work day’ 

Here’s what difference it made to one participant




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